Securo fait partie de svt Group

21 September 2020

The French PFP Group, with its companies Odice SAS and Securo AS, has joined forces with svt Group to move on together. Odice SAS has a track record of 37 years in the development, manufacture and distribution of products for passive fire protection; the company is the leading French manufacturer of expansion joints and thermal insulators for use in fire doors and other elements. The Norwegian company Securo AS offers solid expertise in all matters relating to fire protection systems for ventilated façades. The combined portfolio and know-how of the two companies are an ideal complement to the offer of svt Group, especially in the entire field of fire protection for doors and glazings.

Thanks to the new alliance, svt now boasts the most extensive range of fire protection products, systems and services in Europe. “Odice and Securo complement the successful brand portfolio of svt by contributing many further innovative and safe products, such as the Flexilodice series by Odice or the Firebreather™ technology by Securo, to mention but two examples,” enthused Steffen Gerdau, CEO of svt Group, when signing the contract.

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For more than fifty years, the svt Group of Companies has excelled as a leading full-service provider in the field of passive structural and industrial fire protection. With its established brands PYRO-SAFE®, ROKU®, KERAFIX®, FLAMRO®, FLAMMADUR® and GEAQUELLO® as well as with its fire protection services segment, svt offers Europe‘s most comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art fire protection portfolio in Europe. Another field of activity where svt has made a name for itself as a top-notch specialist is damage restoration, i.e. recovery of damage from fire, water, contaminants or natural disasters. The svt Group of Companies boasts more than forty national establishments and international subsidiaries backed by a partner network spanning fifty countries. Thanks to the Group’s in-house research, development and quality assurance facilities that are complemented by fire testing furnaces at four locations, svt can deliver both certified standard solutions and perfectly customised solutions tailored to suit specific product and system needs. svt Group offers extensive fire protection expertise in many different areas, including residential structural engineering, industrial construction, infrastructure, energy, aviation, ships, rolling stock, fire protection doors as well as batteries; customised solutions for industrial applications are also included in the range.